ITM Engage Proposal Submission Plugin delivers speed and data-capture

ITM Engage makes it easier for brokers to do business with your organization

ITM Engageis a ‘Submit Proposal’ button that landlords (or agents) add to each listing on their properties’ websites.

It opens a private-labeled, 3-step proposal builder for brokers to draft and submit proposals using section language originated by you (the landlord).

Submitting broker can fully customize, term-sheet format is preserved with output in Word or PDF. Store and manage deals for free in ITMx.

ITM Engage streamlines every proposal, portfolio-wide, through one pipe.

ITM RFP Center Every RFP, one place

ITM RFP Centerresides within the Broker Portal and delivers an intuitive workflow helping tenant rep brokers to build, send/publish, track and negotiate RFPs.

  • View and manage all RFP projects
  • Custom RFP template builder for each project
  • Simple 4-step process to initiate and distribute new RFPs
  • Preserve term-sheet format, Word output
  • See what recipients have opened the RFP
  • Send reminders to recipients on due dates
  • Compare responses
  • Respond and negotiate in ITMx

ITMxReduce friction, accelerate the deal process

ITMx is a free platform for landlords, agents and brokers, that makes it easy for stakeholders to initiate proposals, negotiate terms back and forth, track all changes, and go to lease

  • Deal hub – view and manage all active deals
  • Interactive real-time negotiation
  • Redline and side-by-side views
  • User experience preserves term-sheet format, Word output
  • On-demand cashflows and NER analysis
  • Section Glossary - Create and save section language for easy access
  • Custom proposal templates for various use types, access on-demand