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Modernizing the LOI/proposal and leasing
transaction process for CRE owners and brokers.

For Owners

LeaseItNow The "Buy it now" for commercial listings

LeaseItNow is a proposal-submission plugin that owners embed into each listing as a “Submit Proposal” button. It launches a 3-step proposal builder making it easy for brokers to draft and submit proposals to your organization.

For Owners & Brokers

ITMx Free Interactive platform

ITMx is a free platform for landlords, agents and brokers, that makes it easy for stakeholders to initiate proposals, negotiate terms back and forth, track all changes, and go to lease

For Tenant-rep Brokers

RFP Center Every RFP, One place

ITM RFP Center delivers intuitive workflow helping tenant rep brokers to build, send/publish, track and negotiate RFPs.

4 ways
ITM accelerates the
transaction process

4 ways how itm accelerates transaction process

Improved response-times

Time kills deals. ITMx deal utility makes it easier and faster for agents and in-house leasing teams to respond to proposals. With ITM they can respond walking down Fifth Avenue in stead of having to use Word on a computer. As with the proposal builder, the term-sheet format is preserved on the sender’s letterhead with the option of output in Word or PDF. Minimum of 4x time savings.


Standardized language

Standardized proposal language originated by the owner helps to avoid late-stage back-and-forth on many non-business terms.


On-demand lease generation

Time kills deals. Lease generation is amongst the single most time-consuming individual task in the process. It could take up to 2 weeks for counsel to generate the initial lease draft. With ITM, the agreed upon proposal terms can be seamlessly uploaded to the lease form on-demand.


One-click cashflows and NER analysis

Put the excel sheets away. ITM’s structured data platform allows for one-click cashflows and NER analysis.

Typical cashflow and NER without ITM takes 45 minutes; 3 minutes with ITM. Time savings is 15x.


itm data insights

100% of the CRE data we consume today is inputted by a human into an asset management platform, comp database or other software.

Human data-entry leaves open the chance of data-manipulation, jeopardizing transparency and the integrity of the data.

ITM is the venue for which the lease terms are being negotiated, in plain view for all permissioned stakeholders - maximizing transparency and the integrity of the data.

ITM is making the practice of brokers and landlords ‘manually inputting deal data into reporting software’, obsolete. Reports are generated directly from the ITM platform, on-demand, void of any human intervention.

Verifiable marketplace data delivers confidence to stakeholders that data is clean, accurate, and tradable.

Structured data.

Proposal sections in ITM are uniquely structured to output terms on-demand to generate cashflows, NER analysis and other reports and analytics.

Predictive analytics

ITM’s dashboard aggregates anonymized data about specific submarkets, tenant and property types, and other datasets to deliver real time predictive analytics and market trends to users.