InTheMarket (ITM) is a cloud enabled deal interface and reporting utility for the commercial real estate (CRE) leasing industry.

The ITM platform makes it easy for brokers and landlords to initiate, negotiate and close commercial leases instantly in the cloud. ITM’s reporting engine captures negotiated deal terms in real-time, making possible on-demand cashflows, comparison matrices and analytics that empower better leasing decisions.

Prior to ITM, the CRE deal process was manual and offline, costing brokers and landlords countless hours manually creating proposals, responses, counters, analysis and reports. With ITM, brokers and landlords negotiate each proposal stage interactively, enabling each proposed term to be accepted or countered in real-time.

ITM’s cloud-enabled deal interface is the the future of commercial leasing, delivering a modern, real-time deal experience focused on speed transparency and data.



  • Steven Renbaum

    Founder + CEO

  • Michelle Berliner

    Co-Founder + COO

  • Vibhor Gupta

    Head of Engineering


  • Charlie Colligan

  • Rich Macary

  • Paul Frischer

  • Jesse Stein

  • Michael Taxin