The ‘Buy it now’ button for commercial leasing

Landlords, receive every proposal, across all properties, through one pipe

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How it works

Listings page featuring LeaseItNow plugin

  • Landlord embeds the LeaseItNow button on their listings.
  • Tenant-rep brokers click on the LeaseItNow button for the premises they want to draft a proposal for
  • The button launches the proposal-builder

How it works


Step 1

Create Sender’s letterhead,
Identify Tenant

  • Broker inputs letterhead info, uploads company logo
  • Broker identifies tenant; property and premises auto filled from listing

Step 2

Proposal terms

  • Submitting broker is presented a form proposal originated in LL’s language.
  • Broker has full editorial control, can edit language, add or delete sections.

Step 3

Customize, Review &

  • Submitting broker customizes recipient, greeting, message, closing, closing message & CC
  • Term sheet format is preserved; output in Word, pdf
  • All data in proposal is structured, facilitating on-demand analytics

Respond to proposals seamlessly in ITMx

  • Get notified and review incoming proposal in the Deal Hub (and via email)
  • Incoming proposal is shown in HTML view; PDF and Word output is optional
  • View side by side trails of the evolution of each deal
  • All data is structured; instant cashflows, comparisons, NER analysis upon receipt of proposals
  • Respond directly from side-by-side view
  • Intuitive toggle approach lets user identify only the terms they want to counter
  • Agents, in-house leasing team members can respond remotely, no need to be at their desk
  • Digital suitcase of previously stored section language affording quick access; avoiding sloppy cutting and pasting from older docs
  • After negotiation terms, user can customize things like recipient, CC, greeting and closing messages, etc.
  • HTML view of the response is displayed, user can save or send response directly to broker
  • The response can be found in the Deal Hub which is where all deals are stored in ITMx.



Simplicity, time savings

Much easier and faster for brokers to submit proposals through the ITM plugin than to re-engineer an older proposal in Word for the subject deal.

The aggregate time-savings on lease negotiations and signings, has a significant impact on the property’s balance sheet

Typical proposals without ITM take 25+ minutes to complete; 5 minutes with ITM. Time savings is 5x.


Preservation of their existing experience

Brokers do not like change; ITMx, a free service that preserves their existing experience. Proposal outputs look and feel as if the broker drafted the document in Word on their desktop. The term-sheet format is preserved on the broker’s letterhead with the option of output in Word or PDF.



The broker maintains the ability to edit each section, but the proposal is pre-populated with language originated by the owner. Brokers can save their own proposal templates and section language.